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Our team is what makes us different: a group of friends from college and life, with uncountable experiences travelling and learning together. Now, a dynamic team of local travelers and empowered professionals, ready to give all of our inspiration and dedication to our special guests. Every visit is an important event to us, experience Costa Rica with locals.


As a traveler I have noticed the feeling of visiting or living outside in an amazing place for a while and then going back home. Everything you see is already in your memory and become a special and unforgettable part of your life. It also produces a kind of shock that comes to the mind every time you remember and say: was I really there? Let’s call it ‘’the jump out of reality’’. For example; to me a jump out of reality was visiting the Yosemite National Park in California during winter, total different vegetation, ecosystems and landscapes. From the wet coastal jungles and tropical rain forests to this amazing new world of snow. Therefore, my mission is to direct all my guests exactly into that jump out of reality in Costa Rica. I travel since I am a kid around this amazing country, I love showing Costa Rica to our guests. Hook up in one of my group adventures around Costa Rica and get to know the wonders of the tropics at its finest. Pepe Acuña-Tree Tops Travel Director.

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